If you like Symbio, you can make a donation to the project via PayPal. You may have a few questions, so I'll try to answer those below. If you assume you're familiar with the whole concept and you're just looking for the donation link: here it is.

Does this mean Symbio isn't free anymore?

Absolutely not. Symbio will always be released free of charge and under the GNU General Public License.

Why are you asking me for money then?

Well, mainly because I'm a poor student who spends a lot of his time developing this commenting system. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling you guys ungrateful! Your thank yous, comments and suggestions have made Symbio the nice tool it is today, and that's more valuable than money to me. But I'm not going to deny I could always use some extra cash.

Will you be donating the money to a good cause, using it to improve Symbio, … ?

I'm sorry to say that's not my intention. To be honest, I'm planning to buy a portable MP3 player, and although I probably won't be receiving enough donations to fund it entirely, anything I can cut off the retail price is more than welcome. Call me selfish but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

So, how safe is this PayPal thing?

Well, you must've heard of it… With over 30 million members worldwide, PayPal's been around for quite a while now, and it's won several prestigious awards. Furthermore, it was recently acquired by eBay, the market leader in online auctions. And finally, the company's aim is to be fast, free and secure. I, for one, take comfort in that.

Okay, I'm ready to donate! Where do I sign?

First of all, thanks a lot! To donate to me, please surf to this donation page. You should see my PayPal e-mail address, paypal@xanoo.com, on the page. If you'd like credit for your donation, please don't be shy, just e-mail me and I'll add a list of people who donated to this page.