So why should you use Symbio instead of any other commenting system? If you ask me, because of its vast amount of features. Just take a look:

Pretty images for which you can
define one or more codes
Layout Tags
Style text and insert links through
convenient layout buttons
Control Panel
All maintenance is done in the slick
user-friendly Control Panel
Fully configurable layout: have
Symbio match your site
That's right, you can have your
visitors cast their votes
A list of top commenters and lots of
other interesting numbers
Automatically correct people's
naughty comments
RSS Feed
Visitors can easily syndicate
your comment feed
Who links to your content
and vice versa?
If your visitors don't speak English,
just pick another language
IP Banning
Block all comments from selected
IP addresses and ranges
Import/Export & Backup
Easily move your comments between
servers and create backups
Easy Installation
The well-documented installation
process is a breeze
Guaranteed Uptime
If your web site is up, so is your
trustworthy commenting system
Frequent Updates
New enticing features are added
often and installed smoothly

If you'd like to suggest a new feature for Symbio, please don't hesistate to file a feature request.